Proven process to strengthen relationships, grow business, and mitigate risk through financial health.

Our proven four pillar process will give you ultimate protection against supply chain insolvency


Our e-learning training enhances your workforce's financial literacy, fostering a stronger risk culture within your organisation. With self-paced, structured content, your frontline staff gain the skills to identify financial distress signs, investigate effectively, and ask pertinent questions to uncover potential risks in dealings with suppliers.


Experience the convenience and security of our digital platform, streamlining financial assessments for you and your suppliers. Suppliers appreciate Fiable for its security measures, streamlined input process, and collaborative capabilities. Our assessments can be ordered now or scheduled for a future point in time and include features such as user-friendly language, offering actionable risk mitigation strategies and prompting questions, empowering you to make informed decisions without needing an accounting background.


Book in time with our team of chartered accountants and financial experts to review assessment outcomes, strategise risk mitigation, or collaborate with your internal team. Consider us an extension of your finance and commercial departments, dedicated to your success.


Empower your team to order assessments and expedite approvals with customisable business rules. Our centralised repository stores assessment data for analysis, providing valuable insights and ensuring compliance with audit requirements.

Why customers trust Fiable

Fiables clients are leaders in their industries. We provide these organisations with the tools and insights to make informed business decisions and manage risk more effectively. The primary industries we serve are construction, property, civil, utilities and government sector.

“The market is rapidly moving down the model of financial due diligence and if you’re not doing this you’re falling behind. The Fiable solution has provided a quick turnaround for the financial viability reports and we obtain the answers we need to make informed decisions.”

Chief Financial Officer,


Kane Constructions

“We’ve been able to have a consistent approach, a consistent workflow and an overall faster process for our teams.”

National Commercial & Risk Manager,


Hansen Yuncken

“In the last 12 months we’ve seen a lot of pressure on the construction industry. Everyone is having to weather a storm and we have seen a spike in insolvencies. Having Fiable there before we enter into contracts is really important”

Financial Controller,



“Fiable’s reports offer a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond just numbers, providing us with deep insights into the financial health of our subcontractors."

Financial Accountant,




Sometimes suppliers tell you what you want to hear; we tell you what you need to hear


Understand the financial health of your suppliers and vendors to mitigate risks and identify opportunities for expansion.


Strengthen your supply chain or vendor network by effectively reducing risk levels and improving transparency with critical partners.


Protect your business from disruption and financial damage with a comprehensive and flexible risk management solution.