Fiable is the leading provider of Australian financial health analytics for organisations that demand the most up-to-date and comprehensive insights into their business partners' financial stability.

About Fiable

Our CEO and Founder, Patrick Connolly, brings over a decade of experience in both the construction and fintech sectors. His journey began in procurement and contracts within construction, where he honed his expertise over ten years. This led him to specialise in supply chain risk management and financial viability.

During his tenure, Patrick encountered widespread challenges in the financial viability space. Driven by the need for innovation, Patrick embarked on a mission to disrupt the industry with a more agile solution.

Enter Fiable: an advanced tech-powered platform that revolutionises how the industry approaches financial viability, specifically targeting counterparty insolvency risk.

As Australia's emerging leader in financial health analytics, we equip businesses with cutting-edge tools to navigate economic uncertainties and strengthen their supply chains.

At Fiable, we understand that financial health is paramount to enterprise risk management. Join us and make Fiable your foundation for success.

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